'Emma introduced me to a role I wouldn't even have considered, however her professionalism and manner convinced me to take a further look. Emma provided friendly support and advice during the recruitment process and provided the helpful brokerage role during negotiations. I can certainly recommend Emma and Telfer partners if you are looking to change career, or equally looking for some extra help to recruit the right person. Emma and colleagues get to know their clients well enough to ensure they are making a good match of employee to employer.' Bryony Olney, HE Training Consultant, Pearson

'Sarah has been brilliant throughout the entire process, advising me and negotiating on my behalf, resulting in receiving a fantastic offer.' Marita Eleftheriadou, EMEA Marketing Manager, JoVE

'Emma is delightful and truly professional. She has helped me get an outstanding position and offered me support even after the documents were signed. Thank you, Emma!' Alexandra Nicolescu, Technical Support Analyst, Proquest

'I have no hesitation in recommending Neil and Telfer Partners. I experienced an exceptional level of service from Neil - probably the best to date. He is very efficient, personable, supportive and thorough. I was kept up to date at all points and any queries were handled swiftly. I look forward to working with Neil again in the future for any recruitment requirements at my new company.' Sally Edwards, Head of Operations - GOBI, EBSCO

'Neil Approached me with Job opportunity via Linkedin, gave me a clear picture of the Job, Neil made great profile analyses before he contacted me, he was aware exactly of my area of expertise and my employment history, Neil believed I am the perfect match for this Job, He provided me with valuable tips and advises to become at the end the first best candidate for this Job, I am hired now and one of the main reasons was Neil, Thank you Neil for your outstanding support, professionalism and knowledge, I would highly recommend Neil’s services to everyone who is need of such extraordinary SUPPORT.' Arwa Falazi, EMEA Regional Sales Manager - Research, Wiley

'Sarah is the most dedicated and professional recruiter I have dealt with. She gave me invaluable guidance and advice throughout the whole application process and always went the extra mile to ensure I was feeling confident at all times. Thanks to Sarah's help I now have a great job in a fantastic international company. Thank you for hard work.' Matias Sokorai, Community Manager, Pearson

'I have known Neil for a few years, and have worked with him multiple times in the past to recruit for my teams. I have always been impressed with his professionalism, his efficiency, and high quality support throughout the whole process from start to finish. More recently, I have been fortunate enough to work with Neil to secure my own next exciting position, and have found Neil's support throughout the process invaluable. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone looking to recruit or looking for their next role. Thank you Neil.' Jane Wiejak, Head of Marketing, Adam Matthew Digital

'I was awestruck when Neil contacted me and told me about a position that would perfectly match with my past job experience and the criteria I was looking in a new role. During the recruitment process he was very informative and supportive and made sure that I was not being kept in the dark. Neil also provided me with accurate and honest feedback that helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses better. I would highly recommend Neil for anybody looking for their next position.' Aatu Nykanen, Library Service Engineer - Nordics, EBSCO

'The support provided by Neil throughout my recruitment was outstanding. Having little experience of recruitment agents, I was surprised at the depth of support available. Neil offered a detailed understanding of the skills, knowledge and experience that the role required and guidance through each step of the recruitment process; even when I interrupted his weekends with last minute questions! This made the process very smooth and I felt well informed and well supported throughout, with a open door to further support from Neil at any point. I am certain that this support was instrumental in my success and I would not hesitate to recommend Neil, and Telfer Partners, to my friends and colleagues.' John Roberts, Online Learning Consultant, Pearson

‘Neil is one of those rare recruitment consultants who is able to communicate his clients' needs to candidates clearly and effectively. He translates a client brief and supports candidates right through the recruitment process with a clear understanding of his client's needs. He inspires confidence and helps candidates put their best foot forward ensuring his clients' needs are reflected in the advice and support he provides. It is Neil's ability to listen and communicate with clarity that makes it a pleasure working with him. Neil is a great recruitment partner if you are either recruiting or being recruited.’ Sumi Sastri, Interim Head of Marketing, BSI Group

'Neil has provided me with excellent support, care and assistance during my recruitment process. I have never met a greater recruiter than him. I really appreciated his honest feedback and advice, his speedy responsiveness and a personal approach he has displayed in each conversation. Thank you for your encouragement and belief in my skills.' Dilber Nurdinova, Head of Business Development Executive Education, London Business School

'I can categorically say that I would not be about to move into my exciting new post as Senior Programme Development Manager with Wiley without Neil Telfer. Neil identified me through my profile in LinkedIn as an appropriate applicant for the position and brought it to my attention. I'm so pleased he did, as he was dead right - this was an ideal opportunity for me to progress my career with the skills and experience I had. Further, Neil was continuously supportive throughout the recruitment process and proactive in both getting information and negotiating preferences on my behalf. He was always willing and available to communicate, responded quickly to my emails, followed up rapidly on my requests and made the whole process as painless and fruitful as it could possibly be. I can recommend working with Neil without hesitation.' Andrew Doig, Director of Academic Services, John Wiley & Sons

'Henry was instrumental in finding and securing my latest position as Solutions Architect with my current employer. I found Henry to be extremely professional from the start. He was always on hand to assist with any questions, and to facilitate throughout the various interview stages. I would most certainly recommend Henry and would happily work with him in the future.' Mark Corton, Senior Solution Architect, Atypon

'When I was looking for a new role, Neil and Telfer Partners were, without doubt, the most dynamic of the agencies I registered with. Neil is very proactive, he is also knowledgeable about the industry and the changes it is undergoing. Neil matched me to the right role and was then very supportive through the whole interview, offer and contract process. He even took the time to phone me just before I started the new job and wish me luck. I felt in very safe hands and would recommend Telfer Partners wholeheartedly.' Kathy Atkinson, Product Marketing Manager, Epigeum

'Neil has an aptitude for effectiveness and understanding people that makes him stand out from other HR partners. He paid close attention to what I said during consultation and provided me accurate, professional advice during the interview process. In other words, he does not only match people with organizations, but also makes sure the communication is effective and efficient. A knowledgeable HR expert with rich experience in publishing and knowledge management industry, Neil would be a great partner for you.' Alex Chan, Asia Regional Sales Manager, Dawson Books

'Neil is easily the best recruiter I have worked with, from the start to finish of the process I was always fully aware of the situation. He managed the communication between myself and my new employer brilliantly making it the smoothest recruitment process I've been through - Highly recommended.' Matthew Hatcher, Senior Account Executive, Safari Books Online

'Neil is one of the best recruiters with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He is true to his word and offers a level of service that few recruitment companies can match (or seem willing to match). He kept every one of his promises. In addition, his advice and understanding of the roles he recruits for is excellent. He takes the time to understand the roles and whether or not the individual would fit. Sadly in recruitment, too many companies focus on getting people through the door and pushing them into unsuitable roles. Neil's company is the opposite and he takes the time to understand your goals and aspirations prior to assessing your suitability for any role. I can recommend Neil highly enough, his patience with clients and his professionalism behind the scenes was a second to none. If you have been let down by recruitment companies in the past (as I suspect many of you have) then giving Neil a call will restore your faith. I am sure that many companies make promises, to provide the level of service that professionals expect, Neil was the only one that I have found kept his promises through his actions.' Mark Wallace, Head of Partnership Management-Kings College London, Pearson

'Sarah is a recruitment expert extremely committed and knowledgeable. She is a dedicated and hard-working professional whose organised approach to each placement yields optimal results. Sarah provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. She communicates often with the parties involved, provides relevant information, and make sure every step of the process is smooth and efficient. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to fill a position.' Lucas Daniel, Account Manager, Atypon

'Neil is an extremely experienced recruiter that goes the extra mile with both candidate and company. When I found myself suddenly out of a job when Swets went into administration Neil was there to help - matching my skills and experience to the positions he had. It was clear that Neil had clearly researched the role and the company in great detail and prepared me fully for all stages of interview rather than simply providing a job description - Neil gave helpful pointers and scheduled time for me to run through presentations. I strongly recommend Neil to companies looking to fill potential roles and candidates looking for that next strategic career move.' Janet Broome, Senior Healthcare Sales Account Manager, John Wiley & Sons

'Neil offers a level of personal care and service that places Telfer Partners in a class of its own among the competition. He puts in the effort to really understand the needs of both candidate and recruiting organization. Speaking from a candidate's point of view, he adds value each step of the way. I can unequivocally recommend Neil and Telfer Partners.' Ben Greshon, Senior Publisher, Pearson

'Neil helped me to secure my current role at De Gruyter. It was a pleasure to work with Neil and an altogether very positive experience. He was very supportive throughout the entire process. He invested a lot of time in guiding me through the various stages of the recruitment process. Given my previous experiences with recruitment consultants; I would say that Neil stands out for me as someone who is genuinely interested in his clients and certainly delivered above and beyond what I would have expected.' Anne O'Riordan, Senior EMEA Sales Manager, de Gruyter

‘I have worked with Neil both in recruiting staff and in my own job search and on both occasions, he has been highly professional, personable and responsive. He has an expert understanding of the publishing industry and an acute sense of good fit between people, roles and organisations. I would recommend him unhesitatingly and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.’ Matthew Walker, Publishing Director, International Education, Cambridge University Press

‘Recruiting the right candidate for the right job is very difficult. Most recruitment agencies and consultants fail to succeed in effective recruitment blinded by short-term targets and individual interests. I am very happy to say that this is not Neil Telfer's case. I have had a great experience working with Neil not only because of his sensible, calm, informed approach to recruitment but because he has always taken into account my needs and expectations as well as the employer's and has also managed to run smoothly and professionally the rather complex and intense process of interviews and job offers. I am very grateful to Neil and I would recommend him to any Publisher.’ Carlos Gimeno, International Sales Director, Proquest

‘Neil approached me with a job spec that matched my experience and the criteria I was looking for in a new role exactly. I was really impressed with this, as it is fairly rare for recruitment companies to provide this kind of personalised service.  Neil was a great help through the entire recruitment process, providing me with regular feedback along the way and making sure I was never in the dark about what was going on. He also provided me with some really valuable feedback on my interview preparation and I felt I could really rely on his expert opinion.’ Hilary Schan-Martyn, EMEA Group Marketing Manager, Sage Publications

'Neil recently worked with me to help secure my new position and it was a great experience. He brought the role to my attention and throughout the process of applying and interviewing for the job he was especially supportive and encouraging. Communication was excellent, I received invaluable advice and felt that Neil not only knew the industry very well about but also that he was keen to prioritise my interests as well as those of my now employer. I would definitely recommend Neil for his professional and personal service.' Edel Heslin, Senior Journals Publishing Manager, John Wiley & Sons

'Neil and I recently worked together on my successful application for a sales specialist position. He was incredibly supportive throughout the entire hiring process and always took the time to ensure that I was thoroughly prepared for each interview. What impressed me most about working with Neil was that he had a very clear understanding of exactly the type of candidate his client was looking for and what the role entailed. He was quick to answer any questions and always provided fast, honest and accurate feedback. It really was a pleasure working with him. Although Neil was the first recruiter I have ever worked with I would have no reservations about recommending him as an outstanding recruitment professional.' Greg Judelson, Sales Specialist Research Solutions, Proquest

'Thanks to Neil's expert guidance, advice and support I landed my dream Marketing Manager position with SAGE Publications. Neil was there at every step of the process offering advice on tailoring my CV and covering letter to ensure my skills could be clearly seen to fit the role, through to interview guidance, and kept in communication once I'd started at SAGE. I'm so thankful to Neil for everything he did and would recommend Telfer Partners to friends and colleagues looking for their next position.' Eleanor Howell, Journals Marketing Manager, SAGE Publications

'Neil was very helpful to me throughout the recruitment process, providing detailed and balanced information about the role and managing my expectations around interviewing and selection. Calm and supportive, I really appreciated Neil’s professional and considered approach.’ Sophie Brooks, Senior Product Manager, ProQuest

'I have recently accepted a position that came to me via Neil. The Role was an excellent opportunity and I was well matched to the requirements of the position. However, due to some very recent family circumstances, the decision required considerable discussion and the right financial terms were required. Neil was extremely patient and empathetic which allowed me to come to the right decision for me and my family. He lobbied successfully on my behalf for the appropriate terms. I am extremely excited about my new role and grateful to him for his efforts on my behalf.' Adam Wheeler, STM Journals Publisher, John Wiley & Sons

'I don't like getting contacted by recruitment companies. Generally, they've done poor research and are just trying to hit numbers.  Neil is different.  From the first contact through to my successful placement he has been thoughtful, professional, and has clearly thought everything through.  He has held my hand when needed, kept me fully informed, and made sure I've felt comfortable throughout the process. I have no hesitation in recommending Neil.’ Matthew Cashmore, Digital Director, Blackwell's

‘I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Telfer Partners to anyone looking to change their job or career path. I have dealt with quite a few recruitment agencies but Telfer Partners have been by far the best. They were excellent at understanding my past experience, education and aspirations and suggested a position that was just perfect for me. Thanks to their pre-interview preparation and help, my interview was so good that I was offered the job just a few hours after my interview! Should I have the need, I would definitely contact Neil Telfer again.’ Valentino Iorio, Marketing Performance Manager, British Standards Institute

‘Neil offers a highly professional service with a personable style – both well-suited to the academic publishing sector. He is generous with his time, non-judgemental, always delivered what he promised to deliver, and is sensitive to the needs and requirements of all parties. I enjoyed working with Neil immensely, valuing his objective support and guidance very much, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to any publisher seeking talent, and vice versa.’ Gareth Bish, Sales Specialist, UK & Ireland, Alexander Street Press